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Fee Structure Details

PDRi has devised flexible fee & service structure, keeping in view the socio-economic status of local & overseas Pakistanis and poor Africans via its research chapter EduLink Global. PDRi is committed to contribute to professional & capacity development of Pakistanis with less consideration to earning money. PDRiC fee is the lowest in the whole region of Asia. However due to tax, welfare activities, organization share and salaries, best LMS Learning support, charges are mentioned below. We also encourage the prospect students to confirm and check financial impact from the given universities. You will see a 50% discount which is exclusively made possible only for those students who come through EduLink Global.

 FEE STRUCTURE FOR DIPLOMA COURSES: Self and safest Investment

Continuing Professional Development CPD Pg in all medical courses of 06 months. These PG certificates usually empower the confidence and skill. Course complete fee=200USD/ and the diploma will be awarded by Canada, which is member of Association Of Accrediting Agency Canada( Moreover the diploma is online verifiable.  At same times we have also collaboration with UNESCO Listed University, and the fee structure for its 06 month Certificate is fixed 300USD + DHL expense. If candidate wants the Notarization by the country of university it will further add 70USD for it.

  1. One year Diploma Fee For Medical and Non Medical Courses Endorsed by TRACCERT Canada is 350USD and for the same diploma from the UNESCO listed University , the  fee is 550 USD from 15th march 2023. ( otherwise the candidate can confirm the fee structure from any 3rd party source which is more than 5000USD)
  2. For the accreditation of your training by TRACCERT Canada for two years diploma is 600 USD  and from University the fee for two year Diploma fee is 700 USD. The estimated fee for 3year TRAINING Base Diploma is 700USD and 1200USD for the Diploma from UNESCO Listed universities.
  3. Aesthetic Certification From Canada along with 05 days Hands On work training , complete fee is 1lac and 60 thousand pkr


Fee Structure For BBA/ BS Non Medical COURSES: 500USD (admission only)and 500 tuition fee for each semester  means total(500×8)=4000 USD. Attestation and DHL expenses shall be paid by candidate.( If the candidate approaches the said university directly, its fee is not less than 8000USD)

FEE STRUCTURE FOR Master Programs like MBA , MS Engg, MS Civil Engg ETC= 1000 Admission FEE and complete Tuition Fee is 4x 700 Usd=2800USD (Complete Fee Becomes 1000+2800)=3800USD 

Special International Certification, the holder of which is not jobless in the world. For these Specialized courses the Fee is 1000USD if the candidate is graduate or master degree holders. Those who are not active in orientation these certification may not help him. These specialized courses are offered by world famous body  


The candidate can deposit the fee in any account given below. However after the deposit/transfer demand acknowledgment email along with receipt / invoice for future record purposes. In some cases bank and other taxes will be deducted from the candidate

       Account Details of CEO PDRi Qaiser Khan

     Account Title = Qaiser Khan IBAN: PK52 UNIL 0109 0002 1643 3528

For Degree Courses the following Account Number in Name of Edu link Global is to be used

Bank Name: Allied Bank Ltd.

Name of Account Title= EDULINKGLOBAL


( on using the above digits transfer of E-banking is facilitated)

IBAN No of the account especially used transfer of fee from overseas online


Oversea Pakistanis for their convenience can deposit the fee in the name of MD of PDRiC    Mr. Syed Zafarul Hasan  Bacha CNIC No. 16101 78920483     

Overseas Candidates if face difficulty can transfer the fee in name of Qaisar Khan S/O Fazal Rabbi, CNIC No.(1610118365971)  CEO PDRI .  After deposit must share the scan of deposit on

Refund Policy:   Once Fee Deposited, can be refunded if admission cancelled within 03 days*Fee Concession, will be granted in case of Hafiz Quran, Tribal Areas, & Orphans *
Attestation Services will be provided by third Party , on demand of the candidate. (