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Diplomas & Degree Courses For Overseas Pakistanis Under Overseas Development Initiatives

PDRi-Pakistan is working as consultancy and research institution for the development of professionals. For this purpose it has concluded MOUs with different national and international bodies/institutions

1. TRACCERT Canada,

2. Universidad Azteca,

4. University Of the Pacific ,

5. The Asia Pacific School Of Business,

6. Global Academy Of Finance & Management , Admissions)

7. APSB & GAFM United College Singapore, Research/ Admissions)

8. Kesmonds International University, ( Research/Admissions)

9. BallsBridge University, ( Research)

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Overseas Pakistanis, especially in the GCC region suffer a lot from many challenges. The basic challenge is their lack of certification of their practically learned qualification. The existing government initiatives are not enough and in most cases, the adults remain with no choice but to study further in the existing traditional framework of qualification. Because of job schedules, financial constraints, and family problems overseas on job Pakistanis can not complete graduation and post-graduation qualifications. This is the reason that they are prey to substandard and non-verifiable certification by the persons or institutes which are just selling mills of diplomas. 

Mode of Study & Examination: Online Exam & Study

Maximum relaxation is to be granted for overseas professionals depending on the length of their services. The mode of exam is an online trade test, research assignments, via the LMS of PDRi (

Completion & Award of 1-3 Year Professional Diploma:

Under RPL and Fast Track the said diploma can be completed within 3 to 4 months subject to the satisfaction of the awarding body. These Diplomas will be issued by Most Reputed University of Nicaragua Central America and Taiwan     which is UNESCO listed. Complete Fee For one Year Diploma is 270 USD, two year Diploma Fee is 320 USD and three year Diploma Fee is 350 USD. 

50 USD is apostille fee and 500 USD is Foreign Affairs attestation Fee if Required.

In Which Course I can Get the Diploma:

Can be enrolled in any course that is relevant to the candidate’s professional field like Medicine, Engineering, Management, or Technical Courses.

PDRi is having various modes of Education/Exam  for overseas Pakistanis

Those who can submit v online verifiable work experience letter are ELIGIBLE for RPL- Recognition Of Prior Learning for some Diplomas and Degree Programs. Like from TRACCERT Canada, BallsBridge University  Cyprus Campus (, Decker College USA, and , Kesmonds International University Cameroon/USA, etc. However, for such cases, rigorous review is done of the resume of the applicant.

EduCounseling is chapter of PDRi, established to give counseling/guidance to the aspirants of Higher Online Education From Int,l Universities/Bodies and PDRi by its own does not claim to be a university Or College

Professionals in Education, Natural Medicine , Engineering , Management, and Health Care are advised to click on below Departments For Online Registration and Admission.

Department of Legal Studies
In the Department of Law We offer LLM and Phd Online 

Department of Natural Medicine

Department of Health Care

The Department of Health Care provides Online Courses On health and Allied Health Programs. These are very good and affordable for Overseas Pakistanis.

Natural Medicine has gained ground for heath and allied professionals. From Bachelor to PhD some courses are designed for working practitioners

Department of Management

Department of Management offers from BS to Ms and Phd courses online. These courses are also recognized by Higher Education Commission

Department of Education

The Department of education provides courses on education from Bachelor to PhD level at affordable price.

Department of Engineering

Department of engineering offers various courses on various levels. Overseas Pakistanis have golden chance to avail this opportunity

Department of Computer Sciences

Department of Computer Science Offers from Bachelor to Doctorate Level courses

Universities Online Degree Programs