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Board Of Governors

The prime aim of this organization is not monetary gains alone. Rather our exclusive focus revolves around the human capital development to help Pakistanis through research & training based certifications & accreditations.

Our Founding fathers are educators of high caliber in the region.

  1. Dr. Zaher Shah, PhD in Political Science , MD in AM, Chief Advisor Traccert Canada / Eiu France, Chairman(H)
  2. Dr. Akhtar Ali Shah, PhD Member
  3. Professor Dr. Edward Roy               Member
  4. Dr. Irshad Ahmed, PhD Rtd Colonel. Member
  5. Mrs. Farah Shah, Educator. Member
  6. Mr. Amir Fida , Advocate and Social Activist
  7. Mr. Gauhar Zaman. Member
  8. Prof. Dr. Baloch, Distinguished Researcher, Member