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Public Notice: PDRi is not issuing its own degree or Diplomas and extend support as a consultancy for online admissions from international bodies. It is not recognized by PMC/HEC/PEC and Navttc. However these courses are more helpful for overseas Pakistanis and non Pakistanis who dont find opportunity for oncampus studies in Pakistan

Organizations anywhere in the world can not reach sustainable success unless provided with Specialized Human Resources in Management, Financial,  and Accounting areas.

These managers in their different positions usually at the core of decision making are the true CATALYSTS of the organization. Such managers when becomes Internationally Certified, in their respective areas have a great and lucrative position in the organization/ firm/company/shirka/ and institutions.

Certifications for this group of persons are/ must be awarded by ” the most reputable and worldwide recognized ” bodies, especially after graduation like a master’s.

Fee Structure: PDRi Of Pakistan is a Partner of APSB.edu.eu and hence we charge the lowest in the whole of Asia. 

MBA in Relevant Field from www.aaguc.eu, which is the combined college ( United College) of Apsb.edu.eu and Gafm.org. After receiving MBA in the specific area, only then do you become eligible for admission to the course offered by the Global Academy Of Finance and Management ( GAFM.com).

The complete Fee is 4000 USD for the MBA in the specialized area.  However, the applicant can deposit the fee in instalments. For non-PDRi students, this fee is 14000 USD.

And 2000 USD for the GAFM certification. This fee does not include courier and shipment charges.

SCOPE: These certificate holders are at top brass of an organization and hence get 10 to 15 thousand USD as monthly salary. And in the Middle Eastern Region like KSA, UAE, and Qatar, the salary is more than 10 thousand Saudi Rayal. Besides this, the certification of GAFM is recognized by  https://www.gafm.com/page/recognition    

ELIGIBILITY: Under Graduate ( 14 years of education at least)  plus relevant experience of more than 02 years. Or having a PhD in the relevant field.

What PDRi Shall Do For You? In the whole process from admission to graduation, PDRi will provide any desired support.*

* This support includes a 20 to 50 per cent discount/ scholarship.

* This also includes giving support in research and examinations and research thesis writing at Mphil Level Via Proper Supervisors.

However, those who have at least 06 years of experience PDRi can place him/her on FAST TRACK and the whole procedure of 03 years can be completed within ONE-year duration. However, in such cases the Approval Of the AAGUC.edu.eu is mandatory. And PDRi will charge up to 2000 USD as Consultancy Charges.

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