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The word professional Diploma please be considered only a piece of a document until we go through the complete subject mentioned below. My mentioning of this anti-academic stance is a search to find how education can do good for people. Inclined towards philosophical mind, as my subject of teaching and its follow up influences, though, here I use every word in compliance with the conception of capitalism. In Pakistan, we have more three types of segments, like elite class, feudal class, and normal middle class in addition to that class the earning source of which is to travel to another country for the sake of getting a better life.

A better life here I used in just to find the two times meal a day. This last segment is in very critical conditions. For example, our Pakistanis working in GCC countries, whose elders have moved to these countries during the Zulfiqar Bhutto era in the history of Pakistan. These persons in their seventies and eighties were concerned with the manual work of doing labor in construction and other projects. Their children and other family members also got the opportunity to move to the gulf region and now in the late nineties, this segment got stuck. Because new technology came in, the structure of everything underwent a drastic change.

The Pakistanis in the GCC regions who are working in the lower cader of the industry. It is because of the reason that they were not educated in tune with the market. For that reason to fill the gap our organization PDRi, is working on how to certify our Pakistanis who are working abroad.The measure of the competency level of a worker can be examined in certain ways. Physical testing were always the ideal way of certification and education. But the influx of workload and the maintenance of the family life has become difficult. So, having a thorough research on the issue and I have visited and researched many universities, boards and institutions at local and international level, which is compliant for overseas on job professionals. For that purpose to be translated into a reality, I have come to the conclusion that there are certain authentic organization which can meet our requirements.

The first such organization is TRACCERT Canada, which accredits and certify the prospects in an easy to have manner. However, we emphasize that the overseas trained population should indicate some evidence like their experiences in the related work, and do write some simple action research assignments and to appear in the last online MCQs based exam, which is very easy. We provide World Wide Competency-Based Professional Diplomas

  • Hotel Management Course
  • Safety Course in Pakistan
  • Mechanical Engineering Diploma
  • Electrical Diploma
  • Vocational Diploma
  • Fashion Designing Course
  • Hotel Management Course in Pakistan
  • Paramedical Courses
  • Electrical Certificates online
  • Beautician Course in Pakistan
  • Distance Education
  • One Year Diploma

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Professor Dr Zshah

Certified Expert on modern tools of non academic Education and Certification

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