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Online Diploma Courses

PDRi Chapter of Online Education EDULINK GLOBAL  just creates Linkages of International Universities for Pakistanis For Comparative advantage and more options of study

Online School of Sciences & Biotechnology

Online School of Computer Science & AI

Golden opportunity for those who are engaged in IT and Computer related activities. These courses are online and are awarded by UNESCO Listed University and the fee structure is nominal as compared to other recognized universities. The said university is globally recognized.

Fee Structure: 500 USD is admission fee, and 500 USD is semester wise fee, which the candidates can deposit to university in installments also. All these courses are HEC recognized and equivalence is granted to the graduates by HEC if the candidate completes the courses in proper time. For the recognition of the courses and universities candidates are advised to search the university on UNESCO, IAU Lists from

Online School of Engineering

Online School of Law

Legal Studies Profession is a sacred one and the candidate must meet all requirements of admission and showing passion to adopt this profession. For 3 years LLB, the candidate must have at least 1 to 2 years legal or para legal experience. The same is mandatory for LLM/Ph.D applicants, however they must provide evidence that they are connected to legal practice or teaching and have passion for research.

Awarding Body: Pacific University Of Nicaragua ( Central America, which is UNESCO /UN listed( Pl check from

Fees: Discounted* Fee For LLB-3Year is 500USD admission Fee and 500USD Fee Per Semester, and same is the Fee for  BS Law and  LLM Applicants  .However, consultancy, teaching and Supervisor(s) Fee will be charged separately.

 Those who seek NICARAGUA Bar Council Membership, the applicant will go to Nicaragua for one month on the invitation of University , and university will give him accommodation and meal at the cost of 700USD, and the Bar Council Membership Fees shall also be paid by candidate.

Discounted Fees means that fees for any international university is up to 16000 USD for LLB like London School of law etc 

Online School of Education

Online School of Management

These are online and blended courses, designed for relevant professionals in the areas of Management and Administration. Moreover, these courses are recognized by HEC because the said Universities are UNESCO/IAU listed and can be confirmed from Moreover, the fee structure is affordable and almost less by 30% from other recognized international universities.

Fee Structure: 500 USD is admission fee and 500 USD is per semester. The candidates can deposit Fee to the University in installments as well.