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PDRi is having Professional and Research Collaboration with Canada, and Pacific University which is UNESCO listed.

How It Works?

TRACCERT- Canada is TRAINING ACCREDITATION & CERTIFICATION Organization, which certifies the experience/training/research of the candidates admitted to any program of health care.

Mode Of Study & Certification includes:

A. Four Research Assignments ( Data & Books , Sample of Research Available on the LMS of PDRi.

B. Online 02 MCQs based Exam papers

Benefits Of Such Certification?

  1. International Image Building
  2. Professional Capacity Building
  3. New Jobs Opportunities
  4. CV and Business Development
  5. Professional and specialized growth
  6. 6. Confidence Building
  7. International luxurious capacity based Certification at lowest Fee. Good for overloaded Health Professionals, because if cant take classes, can submit Online Research via LMS of PDRI, PDILMS.COM
  8. Can be used at private jobs for increase in salary and respect.
  9. Can be internationally used in the Gulf Region & Western countries.


Complete Fee For One Year Certification is 300 USD & Can be deposited on easy 4 to 5 installments. For Pacific University fee is 500 USD.

If Canadian Notarization or Any other Attestation needed , additional charges will be paid by the candidate.

NOTE: Senior Professionals Above the Age of 40 Years Can Apply For EXEMPTIONS, upto 60 % exemptions. In this case the process may complete with in 4 to 5 months.


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